All SEMrush tools are designed for uncovering market insights and opportunities that will help improve online visibility across channels.

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Feature Overview


Feature Overview


The SEMrush SEO toolkit is perfect for any SEO professional, offering the complete workflow encompassing a list of tools covering all bases of SEO., from competitive domain analysis, keyword research, technical SEO to backlink analysis and more.

Organic Search Analysis

Assess keyword rankings, traffic, landing pages, and competing domains that competitors have acquired through organic search. Able to detect conflicts based on duplicate keywords.

Keyword Gap

Stack your website against your competitors to discover new, engaging content and keyword ideas for your own benefit.

Keyword Magic Tool

Build a powerful masterlist from the biggest keyword database on the market with millions of keyword suggestions. Evaluate keyword difficulty, competitive density, regional CPC, click potential and more.

Position Tracking

Track daily keyword fluctuations and traffic. Register up to 20 competitor sites and compare the results including SERP functions.

Site Audit

Crawl the site and automatically detect errors such as broken links and HTTPS support in page units. Improve technical SEO by fixing errors.

Backlink Analysis

Check the backlinks of any website and stay updated with every inbound link. Keep track of time series fluctuations as well as perform domain rank research and gap analysis.

Backlink Audit

A clean backlink portfolio is key to strengthening your site rankings in the long term. Identify and easily remove potentially harmful backlinks that could get you penalised by Google in just a few clicks.

Content Analyzer

Thorough audit for your website to instantaneously detect room for content improvement, such as opportunities to rewrite poor performing content for ranking higher on Google SERPs.

On Page SEO Checker

Gather actionable ideas for SEO that can help improve your page ranking by analysing your top 10 real time organic competitors on Google. Ideas span from strategy and backlink, to content and technical SEO.


To excel in ad campaigns, it's crucial to analyze competitive strategies and manage keywords based on the search behaviour of users and the most relevant keywords for your products. SEMrush is equipped with tools that allow you to learn from your competitors' advertising and e-commerce strategies to better improve your PPC campaigns.

Listing Advertising Analysis

Evaluate keywords, volumes, and traffic that competing sites are advertising in Google Ads. In addition to finding conflicts, you can also draw ideas from competitors' advertisements and research the history of submissions to better inform your e-commerce strategy.

Display Advertising Analysis

Research display advertising creatives published by competitors, from image and text ads to LPs and media placements (publication media).

PPC Keyword Tool

Create ad campaigns/ad groups and manage keywords. Remove duplicate keywords and negative match types with just a few simple clicks. Exportable to Google Ads.

Ad Builder

Research and create effective text and display ad creatives using ideas provided in the tool or leveraging your competitors' ads as a template.

Competitive/Market Research

Market intelligence gives you an edge over your rivals by revealing the big picture view of your competitors' tactics, market trends, audience insights, and opportunities research.

Traffic Analysis

Discover your competitors' inflow traffic, referrals, device traffic ratio and other vital metrics. Get a direct comparison of the strengths and weaknesses of the inflow channel versus the in-house domain.

Market Explorer

Analyze positioning in a relevant industry and discover competing domains. Determine the best channels to focus on by benchmarking your domain against the traffic growth rate of your industry.

Social Media

One of the challenges in social media marketing is to keep creating engaging content. With the power of SEMrush, you can analyze the frequency, performance and nature of content by competitors to inform your own content strategy.

Social Media Tracker

Monitor your competitors' social media activities by way of posting patterns, audience trends, and engagement to uncover their social media tactics.

Social Media Poster

Streamline your social media management workflow with cross-network publishing, scheduling, analytics and ads management all with just one tool.

Other features

There are many other features available for competitive analysis.

Topic Research

Domain Overview

Keyword Summary

PLA Analysis

Link Building

Post Tracking

Organic Traffic Insight

My Report



Google Integration

Project Sharing

FAQ about Features

Yes, there are. For example, Pro Plan users have limited access to the content marketing tools and will not be able to check historical data. Other differences include the number of keywords that can be set with Site Audit and Position Tracking, among others. For a fuller comparison, please refer to Plans.

Rest assured we offer post-onboarding support to help guide your use of SEMrush to the best of your benefit. Aside from numerous readily available resources in our Help Center, we also organise regular webinars and are open for customer support inquiries. Visit Contact Us for more information.

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