Here are some frequently asked questions about SEMrush, such as contracts and features.

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To apply for a free 14-day trial for the Guru Plan, click here. Create an account by entering your full name, email address, company name and password.

Please feel free to contact us if you would like a demo.

Yes, we will be happy to accommodate if you need another trial before deciding on your subscription. Please contact us with your request.

About Contract

Method 1: Apply from the SEMrush interface

  1. Log in to SEMrush
  2. Click Subscription Information in the upper right corner
  3. Click Upgrade and select your plan
  4. Enter your credit card information and confirm your order

Method 2: Apply from the pricing page

  1. Go to the pricing page
  2. Click "Register" for the plan you are applying for
  3. Enter your credit card information and confirm your order

Yes, we have a minimum contract period of 1 month.

Yes, we offer these options as well. Please contact us for more information.

We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards on a pre-payment basis.
If you are a corporate customer and cannot use a credit card, please inquire for invoice payment.
*Please note that a processing fee and SST will be charged for invoice payments.

Read our terms of service here.

No, Oro Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (hereinafter referred to as Oro) is the authorized digital distributor of SEMrush in Malaysia and Singapore.

While Oro is responsible for sales and customer success in Malaysia and Singapore, SEMrush plan subscriptions constitute a direct contract between SEMrush Inc. and the customer.

Thus, you will not incur any extra or hidden fees for signing up via Oro (this site).

*However, please note that if you select invoice payment, you will be charged a processing fee and SST as Oro will perform payment on your behalf.

The Guru Plan is the most popular choice given its value. Besides being able to use all available features, you can access historical data and enjoy a reasonable number of limits across different features. If the Guru Plan is above budget, we recommend you start with the Pro Plan and consider upgrading later.

If you are a distributor, large-scale site, or e-commerce site, the Guru or Business Plan will be more suited to your needs.

Yes, you can. After logging in to SEMrush, you can apply by clicking into Subscription Information or Plans & Pricing. The annual contract will commence from the date of application. If you have days remaining on your monthly contract when applying for the annual contract, the pro-rated amount will be deducted from the annual contract fee total.

If you wish to upgrade your existing plan (i.e. from Pro to Guru, or Guru to Business), you can apply any time from the "Subscription information" or "Pricing” Page, as per the above method.

In the event of plan downgrade (i.e. Guru to Pro, or Business to Guru), you must first cancel your current plan before applying for a new one. Please reach out to us for more information.

Yes, it is possible to only increase specific feature limits. Contact us personally and we will guide you through the pricing and application method.

The sub-account linked to the main account is termed as an “additional user”. Additional users share the same feature access and limits as the main account, and additional users can be assigned to any SEMrush account.

However, since the plan feature limits and access are shared with the main account, the main account must grant these limits to the sub-account. In addition, the main account can manage the privileges of the sub-account and view its usage history.

If you want to use an independent account that is not tied to your main account, please purchase another individual account instead of additional users.

Please apply for cancellation by logging in to the SEMrush and navigating to the Subscription Info page. Click on “active” next to “recurring” and follow the “contact us” link to lead to the cancellation form.

Alternatively, email us your cancellation request via mail@semrush.com.

More details here:

You can cancel and request for refund within 7 days of application. Please email your request to mail@semrush.com with the subject title "Cancellation and Refund Request" as soon as possible within 7 days.

Please see below for more details.

Upon cancellation, your account will be moved to the free plan. You can still use SEMrush for free, but your limits and access to certain tools and reports will be greatly reduced. The projects created will remain active in your account for a 30-day grace period before disappearing.

Should you choose to renew your paid plan within the 30-day grace period, you can continue perusing your projects and data as before.

Our Customer Success Team will continue to support you in making the most out of your subscription through the following:

  • Answering individual inquiries via email or phone
  • Regular webinar sessions
  • Individual demonstrations (upon request)
  • Providing manual videos, etc. (upon request)
  • Others

About Features

This is not advisable. Once a new user logs in to an already logged in account at the same time, the previously logged in user will be forcibly logged out of the account.

No, each account is limited to one user only.

Yes, there are. For example, Pro Plan users have limited access to the content marketing tools and will not be able to check historical data. Other differences include the number of keywords that can be set with Site Audit and Position Tracking, among many others. For a more comprehensive comparison, please refer to Plans & Pricing.

Rest assured we offer post-implementation support to help guide your use of SEMrush to the best of your benefit. Aside from numerous readily available resources in our Help Center, we also organise regular webinars and are open for customer support inquiries. Visit Contact Us for more information.

Aside from using its own machine learning and unique algorithms, SEMrush collects data from various trusted third-party data providers and user clickstream data to ensure quality across our extensive databases.

Example: For organic search, we analyse search result data sourced from third party providers to give a full-picture view of any website’s visibility on Google. In terms of traffic analysis, we analyse the user panel data of over 200 million real internet users on a daily basis using our proprietary neural network algorithm to accurately understand audience behaviour. The SEMrush backlink crawler actively combs over 22 billion URLs every day in search of new backlinks to add to our database.

SEMrush constantly finds new ways to optimise our data collection methods and estimation algorithms to present the most reliable data to our users.

Google Analytics (GA) and Google Search Console (GSC) are strictly internal analytics tools meant for collecting data exclusively from one website at a time (which you own or operate). GA is able to show you audience insights through real-time metrics like pageviews and bounce rate, while GSC reveals the crawlerability, index and ranking of your site.

On the other hand, SEMrush is a suite of tools that covers both internal analytics and competitive analysis of your competitors’ sites for performance benchmarking, allowing you to deep dive into your competitors’ strategies in order to guide improvements on your website.

SEMrush is best used together with GA and GSC for the best results. We highly recommend integrating your GA and GSC with SEMrush to enhance the data in SEMrush.

This represents the monthly search volume (number of searches) calculated from theaverage value of the past 12 months. The search volume is updated monthly.

Third-party data is used to estimate the search volume, which is then factored in with anonymized user clickstream data and then estimated using a machine learning model to provide an accurate number.

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