About SEMrush


About SEMrush

All-in-one competitive analysis tool for all marketers.

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SEMrush is the world’s leading competitive analysis tool trusted by more than 5 million digital marketing specialists worldwide. Analyse and benchmark against competitors in all areas of online performance, including SEO, PPC, social media and content marketing. With just one toolkit, marketers gain all the key insights for creating effective, data-driven strategies.

Why use SEMrush?


Cost-effective solutions
From only $99.95/month

SEMrush starts from only $99.95 per month, so you can reap the value of the toolkit even on a limited budget (no initial fees required). You can upgrade or scale your subscription anytime depending on the marketing needs of your business.

Product A Product B SEMrush
Social Media X X O
Content Marketing X X
Traffic Analysis X O O
Pricing About $99/month About $900/month From $99.95 per month


The leading all-in-one tool suite
for marketing professionals

The full suite of SEMrush solutions covers almost all areas of your digital marketing workflow: SEO, PPC, social media and traffic analysis. Our rich and accurate databases give you a clear picture of your competitive landscape to help guide strategic planning across channels.

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Trusted by over
5 million users worldwide

Having won multiple international awards, SEMrush is widely acclaimed as the global standard for digital marketing softwares. Our satisfied clientele include Fortune 500 companies such as Vodafone, Booking.com and eBay.


SEMrush Big Data

Data accuracy is everything in marketing. We constantly process large volumes of data from the most reliable and up-to-date sources in order to ensure the quality of our product.

As of July 2020 (Worldwide), we have:

798 M
19.8 B
30.1 T
Ad Publishers
3.5 M
Panel Data
200 M Users
Geo Databases
142 Countries

FAQ about SEMrush

Aside from using its own machine learning and unique algorithms, SEMrush collects data from various trusted third party data providers and user clickstream data to ensure quality across our extensive databases.

Example: For organic search, we analyse search result data sourced from third party providers to give a full-picture view of any website’s visibility on Google. In terms of traffic analysis, we analyse the user panel data of over 200 million real internet users on a daily basis using our proprietary neural network algorithm to accurately understand audience behaviour. The SEMrush backlink crawler actively combs over 22 billion URLs every day in search of new backlinks to add to our database.

SEMrush constantly finds new ways to optimise our collection methods and estimation algorithms to present the most reliable data to our users.

Google Analytics (GA) and Google Search Console (GSC) are strictly internal analytics tools meant for collecting data exclusively from one website at a time (which you own or operate). GA is able to show you audience insights through real-time metrics like pageviews and bounce rate, while GSC reveals the crawlerability, index and ranking of your site.

On the other hand, SEMrush is a suite of tools that covers both internal analytics and competitive analysis of your competitors’ sites for performance benchmarking, allowing you to deep dive into your competitors’ strategies in order to guide improvements on your website.

SEMrush is best used together with GA and GSC for the best results. We highly recommend integrating your GA and GSC with SEMrush to enhance the data in SEMrush.

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